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So, it’s that time of the year again, We are getting ready to PCS away from Hawaii to Quantico VA. For those that don’t know what PCS means, well let me tell you it means PRETTY CRAZY S*** for about 6 months after you get these things called orders.

I have only moved once with Chuck and that was from good old North Carolina to here and it was not that bad. I had a friend that I worked with at SFI in Sneads Ferry, NC by the way if you are ever in the Jacksonville, NC area, and by that I mean stationed there please stop and see my friends there and tell them that I said hello and that I love them, they are a great team of experts in the insurance field. So if you need any type of insurance please look them up. No, they didn’t pay me to say that, only promised me cake when I came to see them.

OK, so back to PMS, I mean PCS. This is going to be a really hard move for us. We lost our son Diesel in October to cancer and this house has not been the same since he was my best friend and kept me company when Chuck was at work. I had my best friend offer to come and photograph his last moments and last day at home with us. That was the HARDEST day of my life. I am glad that my baby is no longer sick and is in heaven with all his friends but I am really sad to not have that companion anymore!

I am super ready for SNOW though, man some of you all hate snow and I know that but I am here to tell you that a bonfire, a good drink in hand, a game of corn hole and your very best buds around is just something that is hard to do when you live 5,000 plus miles away from them. Traveling over the ocean to get to me is not always an easy selling point to those that want to come here.

My 85-year-old Nannie did it so I don’t want to hear that others can’t handle it. Well, we are about to leave this beautiful place and I really hope one day that I can come back here and see this house, after all, I had my baby boy here!

Ryker may not remember now but we hope to come back so when he is older we can show him where he was born. Traveling here as a family for vacation I just can’t see happening.

Chuck and I both hate flights that are long, but we love to drive, if we could drive all over the world we probably would. We are big on that traveling lifestyle because our grandparents used to take us both on trips when we were children.

I remember spending summers at my grandparents and us going to Baltimore MD, or Florida to visit their friends, so this is why I want to take my children off this island and let them make those memories now. We are not guaranteed tomorrow so I want them to make all the memories they can and allow me to capture them all and experience it with them!

This is why I do what I do, not because I had the first baby because I want others to see images like I do and want them in their house on their walls and not on some disk deep in some drawer that you will never open again until summer.

I want you to show off the images that I capture for you! You do NOT need every last image that is taken to find that special 5-10 that would look amazing on your wall or those 25 that would look amazing in an album! I think people take for granted the fact that digitals are right there for you to get to at any time. Well, think about this, what if your whole computer crashed and your hard drives and that USB that you have sitting in a drawer got thrown away on accident because you told your oldest to clean out the drunk drawer. Think about it people, images turned into wall art is the BEST way to display your family, your new baby, your lifestyle session, anything.

I don’t sell digitals in my collections anymore. I know that I am about to lose clients over this but I am here to tell you that those that understand me and really want this type of service will find me and I will have more clients. For all of my friends out there that are photographers that do this type of photography we are photographing your family to hang on a wall for your friends and family to see and go “dang gina, you look good girl” I mean I know that’s what I want…my friends to come over and gawk over my beautiful images.

So, you know, this is me, writing to you to say….see you again Hawaii. You were good to me, I’ll be back to see your sexy self again soon.


I’m a birth, newborn and maternity lifestyle photographer serving Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax, Reston, Leesburg, Manassas, Gainesville, Haymarket, Stafford County, Prince William County, and Fredericksburg. I am located in Stafford, Virginia and I’m available for travel in the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas.


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