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Well, I don’t think I can write this blog post with dry eyes. This family and I connected so well that I feel like they are apart of my family. Nora and her husband made me feel like I was just hanging out and we were about to welcome a new little family member into the world! Nora was a freaking superwoman. She labored for hours and hours, so many that I forget. I do birth photography to see the miracle of life and I also get to see mothers endure some of the worst pain and they keep going. Birth is a miracle and I am so excited that I get to call this my career.

At some points, Nora was laughing and talking and we were just cutting up like old friends. I really had a great time with the Joslin family! Nora’s dad was even there to help in the fun. I mean, after all, what’s a birth without dad there. I remember my Deddy being there for my little girls birth. There is something about being a daddy’s girl, we just need that little touch or extra love from dad, It will always help keep you going. After many hours it was time to welcome little Leo into the world via C-Section. He made his grand appearance and I was there to be one of the very first to capture his first breaths and first cries. Man, here come the tears……

The moment Nora saw her baby boy for the first time I couldn’t hold it back. I was trying to keep composure and do what I was there to do, but I will confess that I had to wipe back a few tears of my own. Dad got to cut the cord and let me tell you that cord is tough, it took a few times to get that cord cut. Then Nora and her husband were no longer a family of two they were a family of three. Welcome to Hawaii Leo and congratulations to your parents for making such an awesome little guy! I can’t wait to watch you grow up little guy! I talk about 6 reasons to hire a birth photographer in a blog post here. I think anyone that is considering hiring a birth photographer should read this post!

If you would like to talk more please contact me and let’s help capture your birth.

I’m a birth, newborn and maternity lifestyle photographer serving Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax, Reston, Leesburg, Manassas, Gainesville, Haymarket, Stafford County, Prince William County, and Fredericksburg. I am located in Stafford, Virginia and I’m available for travel in the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas.

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  1. Cathryn DeLine

    This birthing photography session is so beautiful! What a special moment to share with people who feel like family !

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