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It’s obvious why in-home lifestyle photography sessions are a trend right now.  They are AWESOME!

A big factor is weather, and with an in-home lifestyle session, you don’t have to worry about that at all! Places like Texas and Northern Virginia have bi-polar weather so thank goodness for people like myself that are here to help you capture your family in a really cool way and not even have to leave your home!
Plus, I can be a lot more flexible with the time of the shoot, since I don’t have to worry about the golden hour.

The other thing that is fantastic is that your kids are a lot more comfortable in their home and that is HUGE for our session.

If you are wondering if a lifestyle session is right for you, read my article here about is a lifestyle session right for you?
If you already know an in-home lifestyle photography sessions sounds awesome for your family, then I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve and steps to take to make the session (and leading up to the session) a smooth and, spectacular experience!
Also, I have a checklist that I got from a fellow photographer that I would love to share with you. Click here to download it!

Think about your ‘why’
What is your purpose for this session? Are you welcoming a new little one? Are you just updating your family photos?

Think about activities.
I always have my families to come up with a few activities for the kids to do so that when I am there I can just be a fly on the wall and capture them being themselves, playing and having a great time with mom & dad.

Plan your outfits.
No worries here I am going to help. I have a style guide and I can create a Pinterest board with you so that we can make sure you are not dressed in bright big stripes or something that doesn’t photograph well. Just remember to be comfortable this allows for play and play allows for great images. Keep it simple and timeless.

Tidy the house but don’t call Mary Poppins.
I want you to feel comfortable in your home and not stress that you have to call in the expert. Yes, there will be a mess made when I am there. Yes, we are going to make memories so please don’t think that you have to have a spotless home because if you came to my house you would see we live there and memories are being made as well!

Make and style your bed
So here’s one that I freaking love….if you have a big bed with fluffy pillows then you have this one in the bag but, if you don’t here is a chance to go grab some new bedding and pillows. Tell the partner I said it’s OK. I think the most favorite images that I get in an in-home lifestyle family session are the ones on mom dad’s big bed. Come on you remember as a kid you jumping into mom & dad’s bed with joyful expressions because you were NEVER allowed on that bed. Now go grab some feather filled pillows and be ready for an epic pillow fight!

Finish all the prelim cleaning the night before

Just today up don’t go all out, remember I am coming to watch your little and you guys have family time and capture memories. I don’t want you to be stiff or feel that it has to be perfectly clean!

Get you some shut eye
Go to bed the night before the shoot at a decent hour. Get the kids bathed and all tucked in and shut those pretty little eyes because tomorrow you will have the time of your life with Miss Brooke

Eat before I come
So make sure that you all get a good meal before I come so that you don’t have the little hangry… one likes to be hangry including myself. IT.IS.NOT.PRETTY

Stick to your normal routine
Don’t worry with trying to change up nap times and messing with the sweet babies schedules. I can work around nap times and work with you. We don’t have to worry with outside light so I can make this work even if it’s later in the evening! I got you, this is my job!

Be chipper
This is why I can’t stress enough to get a good nights rest the night before and don’t interrupt nap schedules! Again, a happy baby is a happy family!

Let the fun begin
So what I like to tell my parents is to tell the kiddos that they have a new friend coming to play and they get to show them all their new toys, also, I know Santa on a first name basis so if you want them to make a list to give to me for Santa I got your covered little friends!!

Little things
I love to capture all the things in your home while I am there. So you may see my snapping an image of a stuffed animal sitting on your bookcase or you may catch me in your kitchen photographing something like the spatulas. You just never know with me I am there to capture all things of your life.

Whewwwwww that was so much FUN!! After our session, the kids totally deserve a reward for dealing with someone they don’t even know in their space. Parents you deserve a reward too, so how about some ice-cream or a sweet treat. Go on, grab a little calories and don’t sweat it!

3 weeks after
After our session, I go in and backup all images and hand edit them. I then will deliver your proofing gallery so that you can choose your favorites and order your prints & albums.

I can’t wait to meet you all and I look forward to our in-home lifestyle family session together!

I’m a birth, newborn and maternity lifestyle photographer serving Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax, Reston, Leesburg, Manassas, Gainesville, Haymarket, Stafford County, Prince William County, and Fredericksburg. I am located in Stafford, Virginia and I’m available for travel in the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas.


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