Honolulu Hawaii | Video Hiking Adventure Pail Lookout Falls Hike

Go check our video from this hike! Hiking with the Flanagan’s

Well, folks, we did it again. I swear this hiking thing is really starting to give me nice abs and I am not sure I am ready for that. I like my mom bod. We let Chuck’s sister choose another hike, and let me tell you that anytime someone that doesn’t live here chooses a hike, you best be prepared to sweat, fall, and get the most awesome views ever! This hike wasn’t a super long hike, it just had a bamboo forest that I think almost ate me, a Christmas tree lane that slapped me in the face a few times and lots and lots of pink and orange tape on trees that I was totally unsure was taking us the right way. My old tail can feel this hike all in my old bones. I kept telling Ryker he was going to be carrying me out of this forest if we didn’t get done soon. Well he was asleep, loving every minute of the bouncing and jerking mommie was doing…(little stinker)

We walked and walked following this red and orange tape wrapped around a tree and thank goodness my husband is awesome at land navigation because I would have been sitting in the woods still chilling, waiting for some helicopter to come to get me and have to pay with my debit card. In all the years of living here, we haven’t done that much hiking, but we sure have hit all the hikes up lately and they have been really fun, and really hot.Haidyn always goes with us but let me tell you, taking a little princess on a 4-mile hike into the woods can make you sometimes re-think having kids. I love her to death, but if she would have said “are we there yet” one more time I was going to push her down a slightly sloping hill and hope she didn’t get hurt. Along with Haidyn’s “I’m hot” and “I’m hungry”, Ryker was pulling my hair, I was almost to the point of tossing him to his daddy and running like the wind in the wrong direction and saying “have fun dad, see ya on the flip side”.

Our hikes bring so much laughter that I may have to look into wearing depends undergarments. I mean I have birthed two children with no medication. My body can’t keep fluids in like it used to. I almost fell a few times, but the 35lb lil flanagan on my back kept me pretty steady! I did grab a selfie with Chuck once, I mean what’s a hike without a selfie with your husband? Clayton, Lindsey’s husband is always a character, anytime I would say “look at me Clayton” his posing was spot on, and I would usually end up laughing needing those depends. Oh well, it happens right?

When we got to the end of the hike I thought there was going to be at least some nice little place to dip my feet and legs in, nope, nothing, there was about a foot of water there, and that was it. Oh well, I stepped in and stood in the water for about a good 5 minutes to cool down. Daddy and Ryker just chilled on a rock and handled life for about 30 minutes so I could have a break from carrying all that weight. I can’t wait for our next adventure. I’m sure that will be a story to tell as well. I hope you all enjoyed this hike as much as I did….until next time.

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Video Hiking Adventure Pail Lookout Falls Hike


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  1. Lindsey Propst

    Hiking was fun, and I’m bummed I didn’t get a picture of me alone like Clayton did! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventure!

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