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Hello friends, we have made it to getting back to normal routines and getting involved with sports. It has been a long move and one that I will never forget! Haidyn has really enjoyed being in Stafford, Virginia. She also has really enjoyed the fact that we live in Aquia Harbour and have not one but two pools. Haidyn has always loved swimming and once school was about to end we found out that we have our very own swim team here in the Harbour.

It was totally cool to see my little girl all suited up and with a monogrammed swim cap with her childhood nick name! Haidyn may not want to be Hai Hai too much longer. We have swim team practice 5 days a week and swim meets scattered throughout this month and next. It’s been busy around here for sure!

We have met some really amazing neighbors in our little slice of the backwoods, back in section III of Aquia Harbour, one of which is the Vice President of the Aquia Harbour Dolphins Swim Team. She has been a life saver for Haidyn getting to these swim meets! We are still down a vehicle…..that’ another PG-13 rated blog post!


Haidyn was the 21st spot to go so we had some free time to hang out and talk and watch all the others. It was INSANE to see some of these little kids killing it and swimming as their life depended on it. I mean it technically did but, still, they were fast, real fast. Haidyn gets ready to go for her turn and you could tell she was having a good time and not really stressed! I am so glad that she didn’t stress and knew that she would just give it her best shot! I try to teach her to just relax and go with the flow, it’s way less stressful!


We have really settled in nicely here and I am so happy that Haidyn has found her people and she’s being the little mermaid that she wants to be! She had her first swim meet this past week and let me tell you I was one proud momma!! She hasn’t ever been on a swim team. She is always asking to go to the beach or go swimming so I know this will be a great fit for her. I also have the ability to capture these moments of her and remember my little girl doing great things years down the road!!

This swim meet was my first as well…I mean I have always wanted to be a swim mom, I loved the water as a child and still, as an adult, I could be in the pool or ocean until my skin gets so wrinkly you couldn’t fingerprint me if you tried. I volunteered to help in the second half of the meet with handing out these ribbons, they are called heat winner ribbons. You get a ribbon for being first to the wall during your turn. Haidyn was done with her meet so she asked to help hand them out.

Well, we start handing them out and not 2 mins into that heat (what they call each child’s turn to swim) there was lightning. Now, I am not sure if you have ever been to a swim meet or pool for that matter with lifeguards but, when they see lightning you are directed off the pool deck for 45 min from that strike. If it strikes again there is time added. So what would have ended at 10 PM ended at 11 PM thanks to that wonderful heat lightning.

I missed that in Hawaii, we didn’t really have heat lightning there, we just had rain every day for about 5 mins on some part of the island. Oh, how I miss you Hawaii! You can see a rainbow every now and then here. It reminds me of the place I called home and would go back to in a heartbeat!




After all was said and done WE WON, the Aquia Harbour Dolphins kicked some butt and took home their first win for the 2019 Season! Super proud of all the kids and their hard work!!

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